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Hey, I’m Landry

Hey, I'm Landry! 👋

Landry Lyn Blume

Graphic Designer

Welcome, I am excited to share my work with you! My journey as a graphic designer has spanned multiple industries with big names in consumer goods, non-profits, local government, news and television. I am often photographing the world around me and seeking inspiration to share with others. I enjoy collaboration and learning from talented people to bring great stories to life. Let’s chat about what’s next!

— Landry

Creative Wizardry

Brand Creation

With high-quality branding you can build trustworthiness, encourage repeat business and bring like-minded people together.

Direct Marketing

Present clear information in an intuitive and accessible manner with great layouts, hierarchical structure, and well-scaled text.

Web Development

Crafting an intuitive user interface and experience is no small task while optimizing for accessibility, device type, and language.

Professional Journey

My skills, software and work experience.

Creative and detail-oriented Graphic Designer with a passion for collaboration and crafting exceptional multimedia experiences. An effective communicator experienced with audio/video production, online marketing, and print design. Versed in website development using HTML, CSS, and publishing with WordPress.

Current Portfolio

My best design and creative works.

My digital portfolio showcases some of my best graphic design work. Inside you’ll find pages full of creative brand logos, marketing materials, event promotions, website development, social media graphics, and so much more! If you have any feedback or questions, contact me and let me know.

Recent Works

LUT Social Road Closure Local Event FB TWT ND

Land Use & Transportation

Washington County, Oregon

“Working in coordination with city, regional and state government partners, about 300 Land Use and Transportation employees provide  transportation, planning, permitting and road maintenance services for all who live, work and travel in Washington County.”


Oregon Seaweed Farm Sign 1

Oregon Seaweed

local aquaculture

“Located on the beautiful Oregon coast, we proudly work with our coastal communities to bring you high-quality, nutritious, and sustainable Pacific Dulse seaweed.”


The Yard at Montavilla Food Carts Full Width Artwork

The Yard at Montavilla

Food Carts

“A food cart pod in the heart of Portland, Oregon’s Montavilla neighborhood. Taste-filled eats, drinks, and bites from around the world with a unique outdoor atmosphere.”


Latest Updates

News anchor with Emmy award in studio.
Awesome Takeoff Social

San Diego FlightWatch

Tracking Airlines After Hours A friend’s web project inspired a little creative side-quest. is a web app that keeps track of flights to-and-from…

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1 LLB endless devices (C) 2019

Simple Illustrations

A collection of fast style and simple digital illustrations. These illustrations are some of my favorites, they’re bold and visually striking while simplistically effective.…

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Oregon Seaweed Defaults 1

Oregon Seaweed

Oregon Seaweed grows wonderfully fresh seaweed right along the beautiful Pacific coastline. Their red pacific dulse seaweed variant is rich in flavor and nutrients….

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LUT Social Road Closure Local Event FB TWT ND
Prescott Morris Reverse Square

Let’s Chat

Work requests, consultations, and creative correspondence welcome.

Chat via Text

General inquires, project updates, and design contract requests.

Hangout on Mastodon

Toots about art, design, memes, photography, technology and more.