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Landry 10.12.2015

Landry Lyn Blume

Designer · Illustrator · Photographer

Usually my full-time projects involve a blend of skills from graphic design to content production. Often that includes the ability to illustrate, take great photos, edit or re-write copy in a brand voice, record video, generate motion graphics, and code small to medium websites and CMS systems.

Production specialties

Brand Development

With a high-quality brand voice you can bring people together to accomplish big goals and build trustworthiness for repeat business.

Visual Design

Present clear information in an intuitive and accessible manner with contrasting layouts, hierarchical structure, and well-scaled text.

UX/UI Development

Creating a robust user experience from start to finish while optimizing across device types is a unique challenge for modernizing frameworks.

Personal interests


  • Frisbee
  • Basketball, Bicycling, Bowling
  • Hiking, Walking, Weight-lifting


Recent works

Washington County, Oregon – Department of Land Use & Transportation

Oregon Seaweed

Brand Development & Merchandising

Dan Ryan for Portland · 2022

2022apr19 dan ryan i support dan orig

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Manzanita, OR • 10/2022

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