Washington County, Oregon

Department of Land Use & Transportation

As a part-time graphic designer, I worked with the Department of Land Use and Transportation, Office of the Director communication’s team. My primary responsibilities at the county included photo and video production, completing artwork requests for social media and web graphics, as well as special projects like technical drawings.

Annual Report




Building Safety Month

Building Safety Month 2022 012

Building Safety Month

LUT High temp Travel Tips 1

MSTIP ’23–’28


LUT News

LUT News Social 2022 16x9 2

Right-of-Way Graphic | Denney Road Open House

LUT High temp Travel Tips 1

Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

LUT News Social 2022 1x1 2

High-temp Travel Tips

LUT High temp Travel Tips 4

Traffic Signal Outage

Signal Out 4 Way Stop 16x9 1

Inbox inspiration, infrequently.

An occasional wrap-up of artwork, illustrations, photography, technology headline, and more.

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