1 LLB endless devices (C) 2019

Simple Illustrations

A collection of fast style and simple digital illustrations. These illustrations are some of my favorites, they’re bold and visually striking while simplistically effective.

mind ports landry blume copyright unsmushed

Human-machine Interface

An illustration 3-panel series exploring our assimilation, dependence, and addiction to technology in the pre-smartphone era. Input/Output On-Call Surgery iNip

Abstract green digital art with geometric shapes and text.

Desktop Wallpapers

Photoshop Experiments Resurfacing old creative works can be both cringe-worthy and nostalgic at the same time. Creating digital illustrations was purely a hobby for me and favorite pastime around the time of graduating high school. Playing with composition, effects and…

art scan PS02

Early Digital Illustrations

Education projects and self-taught digital illustrations. These early digital illustrations are from my high school and college era of creativity. Learning how to develop illustrated ideas inside Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator apps. These works come from a place of whimsical…